5 Destinations Every Jazz Music Lover Must Visit in 2018

When it comes to music, Jazz is quite the elegant genre of all. Emerging from the roots of blues and ragtime, jazz has found its way to the top. Also known as “America’s Classical Music”, the origins of this genre started in the African-American communities of New Orleans, US.

Now talking about places for Jazz music lovers to visit, these are the top 5 destinations:


New Orleans: Now at the first base, you don’t want to miss out the birthplace of Jazz. Famous artists featuring Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, and Jelly-Roll Morton introduced us to a new genre of music that made everyone groove with smiles. This Louisiana city on the Mississippi River wraps up musical roots that tread deeper than the Mississippi River. If you visit New Orleans, take a turn to Frenchmen Street where you will find hip cats dipping up the pondering melodies and rhythms of Jazz. New Orleans is probably the best place for a Jazz lover to visit in 2018.

Montreux: Montreux, this Jazz town is in Switzerland. This place is basically a traditional resort town on Lake Geneva, known for the famous Montreux Jazz Festival held in July. Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, and Etta James are some of the famous artists that performed here. If you are planning to visit Montreux in 2018, then your summer could never be better without a visit to the Montreux Jazz Festival. Besides the soothing melodies of Jazz, you will also get to soak in the beauty that is Montreux.

Montreal: Probably the only wet city in North America, Montreal is an ideal place for Jazz music. You can take part in jamming sessions or enjoy listening to other strangers creating beautiful music on spot. Also known as the Naughty City, this place is famous for the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal (Montreal International Jazz Festival) which is held annually. Make your 2018 a wonderful year by visiting Montreal and get yourself grooving to the mellow melodies and rat-a-tat rhythms of Jazz.

New York City: If you are the budget guy and you want to enjoy good music, then New York City is the place you would want to visit. The NYC Winter Jazzfest Marathon is something that attracts Jazz lovers from all over. The Greenwich Village Club is a “must visit” place here in New York, setting the standards of Jazz with a classic Bohemian vibe. If you are planning to have a budget-friendly trip with your buddies, New York City is probably the ideal place for you in 2018.

Chicago: Another place that would make your 2018 a memorable one is Chicago. The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge has it all; you can satisfy your tastes surrounded by all sorts of Jazz rhythms. Another place that you must visit is the Andy’s Jazz Club. Along with worldly dishes, you can enjoy quality music varying from traditional, hard bob, fusion or ethno Jazz, Andy’s has it all covered.

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